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The Complexities of Exclusion Monitoring

Posted by Donna Thiel on Thu, Jun 22, 2017

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Do you remember when you were the new compliance officer in your organization? Maybe you were reviewing all of the compliance processes and trying to determine what was working well and where things might need a little improvement? At some point, if you’re like me, you began to review the exclusion monitoring process and quickly realized you need some help.

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OIG Exclusion List, OIG, OIG Exclusion

The OIG Exclusion List Reinstatement Process

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Tue, Jun 20, 2017

Did you know that according to the OIG, when your exclusion is “over” not everyone is automatically “cleared” at the end of the exclusion period? Instead, the provider must apply through the OIG for reinstatement. Many times, this assumption can really hurt providers when they come to realize that they are still on the OIG exclusion list years later.

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The Path of an OIG Exclusion

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Thu, Jun 15, 2017

Maybe the Wizard of Oz had good advice: follow the yellow brick road. It may have curves and present different paths, and you may meet some interesting people along the way, but in the end, it can take you to the big castle. In this case, the castle is the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) - the ultimate enforcer for healthcare fraud. The OIG has enforcement powers with the wave of its wand. Those powers include the statutory authority to impose civil fines and penalties (CMP) and exclusions against individuals and/or entities that stray from the yellow brick road.

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Student Loan Crisis: Exclusions Issued for Defaulting on Loans

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Tue, Jun 13, 2017

As a nation we're facing a serious student loan crisis. Whether you paid off your loans years ago, continue to pay them off now, or helping your children or grandchildren with their share of loans, we've all encountered the massive amounts of student debt piling up. 

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OIG Exclusion List, exclusion monitoring, OIG Exclusion

Quick Guide to Exclusion Searches : LEIE

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Thu, Jun 08, 2017

Exclusion is a word we hear often in our line of work, but it can become pretty convoluted with multiple interpretations, definitions, and technicalities that could make your head spin. Many times, compliance professionals don't recognize where to search, what to look for, or how often they should be monitoring for exclusions. For starters, let’s take a look at how to perform a quick exclusion search via the OIG LEIE. It is the most reliable source for searching for possible excluded indiviudals or entities.

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