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Useful Healthcare Compliance Software Tools

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Thu, Aug 25, 2016

Best Healthcare Compliance Software

In the age of efficiency and automation, deciding on which apps or software solutions to choose can be a challenge. Many times the search and evaluation process can make one’s head spin, but fear not - our team is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of resources and tools that are available to healthcare compliance professionals!

* Updated from original post on 08/25/2016

Numerous methods can be applied to ensure compliance whether it's through tracking policies and procedures or tracking licenses, certificates and certain required documents. There are endless possibilities when choosing compliance solutions - take a look at some we recommend.

Policy and Procedure Tracking

Navex Global - Offers a variety of services and products for their clients to help, "navigate the landscape of corporate ethics and compliance." They assist their clients in two ways: 

1. Advising clients in areas of their own GRC programs while focusing on in-person audits to ensure compliance with regulations (Investigation and Validation Services).

2. NAVEX Global ensures your investment in their technology is worthwhile by being attentive and responsive (Professional Services, Implementation and Client Care). 

SAI Global -  SAI Global offers many compliance software tools including an option for healthcare. The Compliance 360 tool helps manage many risk management processes such as: 
  • HIPAA Compliance & Privacy Breach Management
  • Claims Audit & Denials Management
  • Third Party Risk & Contract Management
  • End-to-End Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

Check out some more healthcare compliance software tools: PowerDMS

Compliance Training and Continuing Education

  • Cerner - Cerner Millenium offers continuing education courses and well as learning events to train according to your needs in order to be successful in your career. Cerner offers Client Education, Learning Consulting Services, Academic Education EHR. 
  • Clearwater Compliance, LLC -  "Clearwater Compliance has one purpose: to help your organization become and remain compliant with the HIPAA-HITECH Security, Privacy and Data Breach regulations." 
  • Healthicity - "Simplifies the way healthcare organizations operate with intelligent, time-saving software solutions and services." 

Check out some more training software tools: Press Ganey, HCPro, Captera, MetricStream

Tracking of Licenses, Certificates and Required Documents

  • ProviderTrust - ProviderTrust offers healthcare license verification software at the primary source for employees and providers. The software, goes to the primary source for verification, notificies the client of expiring licenses, and tracks impaired licenses. 
  • Maize Analytics helps track HIPAA access to records and for privacy violations.

    Okay. Okay. We're a little bias. But don't just take it from us! Here's what our customers are saying about our software.

Medical Billing and Coding Related Software

  • Emdeon - Emdeon simplifies the business of healthcare by improving efficiency in the revenue and payment cycle and clinical exchange processes by connecting payers, providers and patients in the U.S. Healthcare system. 
  • Health Fusion - MediTouch - Health Fusion also simplifies healthcare with their billing software. Health Fusion's MediTouch all-in-one software suite incorporates billing, scheduling, clearinghouse, EHR and patient portal. 

Check out some more billing software tools: Kareo, NueMD, BenchMark Systems

Time and Attendance

  • Kronos - Monitors employee time and attendance so you don't have to. Kronos controls labor costs, minimizes compliance risk, and improves workforce productivity. Two key factors Kronos focuses on is time managements and labor tracking, aka, productivity. 
  • WorkDay - "Spend your time working, not tracking," is WorkDay's motto. Their healthcare software, WorkDay Time Tracking simplifies management by compiling workflows, processes and work rules into a single application. WorkDay Payroll also allows the customer to control labor costs and compliance risks. 
  • Baldur Healthcare - Baldur provides useful tools that help simplify contract management and physician timesheets. They also have a robust analytics dashboard that helps optimize physician arrangements.

Check out some more time and attendance tracking software tools: TimeClick,  Insperity, ADP

Pharmacy Benefits Management

  • PharmD - "For years, PharmMD has been one of the leaders in Medication Therapy Management services for health plans and self-insured employers." PharmD has a variety of solutions including MedPro - Software as a Service.  
  • Omnicare - Omicare offers long term care software solutions in the pharmacy department. Omnicare consultant pharmacists are used reguarly to review every resident's medication chart. Consultants also provide recommendations for alternative medications that improves effectiveness. 

Check out some more pharmacy benefit software tools: ExpressScripts, MedCo,  PartnerSRX

Auditing Tools

  • BridgeFront - "Online Education Made Easy." BridgeFront offers a variety of services to examine data, statements, records, operations and performance of an organziation. For example, they offer Risk Assessment for Healthcare. This protects your organization from breaches and penalities to ensure compliance. 
  • MetricStream - MetricStream's Audit Management System reduces risk and ensures compliance with government regulations. Their software colution combines a wide range of audit-related activities into a single network.

Check out some more auditing software tools: WeComplyClearwater ComplianceCompliance 360Optum

What do you think? Let us know what healthcare compliance software tools you would add to the list!

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Written by Michael Rosen, ESQ

ProviderTrust Co-Founder, [email protected]

Michael brings over 20 years of experience founding and leading risk mitigation businesses, receiving numerous accolades such as: Inc Magazine's Inc 500 Award and Nashville Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

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