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Data Management, Compliance Plan, Compliance Data, Compliance Dashboard

The Importance of a Compliance Dashboard

Posted by Donna Thiel on Thu, May 18, 2017

Compliance moves fast these days, with all of us wanting information at our fingertips. As a former Chief Compliance Officer of a very large post-acute care company, I know how much data is available and how difficult it can be to turn that data into something useful or meaningful.

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Compliance Data, Compliance Dashboard

Sitting Pretty with Healthcare Compliance Data

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Thu, Jul 14, 2016

Data in Healthcare

Data has been a buzzword around for the last couple of years now in just about every industry. Healthcare is no exception. We all know we need it, we know that it’s important and we should be tracking it. However, when it comes to healthcare the word “data” still feels a little ambiguous sometimes. Do you think it is the case because there is so much information to be aware and track when it comes to effective healthcare compliance?

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Healthcare Technology, Data Management, Compliance Dashboard

The Benefits of a Healthcare Compliance Dashboard

Posted by Michael Rosen, ESQ on Thu, Mar 24, 2016

If data is King, then dashboards are the towers protecting the castle. They are simply the best method for watching over the kingdom (or mass of data). If built sturdy enough and tall enough to see over the castle (organization), they can help alert you to what is going on in the village (facility or hospital), or can drill down to a section of the village (unit or floor of a facility) or dashboards can look out across the landscape for enemy troops (fraud and abuse).

Let’s take a look to see how various healthcare organizations are effectively utilizing their compliance dashboards.

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